Quick Summary

Hedge funds and financial groups have been making an infinite (literally) amount of money by purposely bankrupting companies. Part of this strategy, now known as “Cellar Boxing”, involves continuously driving the stock price down until they bankrupt.

This timeline starts right around the time a certain video game company called Gamestop with stock market ticker symbol GME was targeted as the next company to bankrupt.

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How its done

In short, a company is attacked at all angles and stages including their stock, brand, bad press, internally and externally. Their board and management may be infiltrated with bad actors as well.

While all that is going on, the financial groups will also borrow and sell as much stock as possible without the intention of ever paying it back.

The goal is to borrow and sell as much as their stock as possible, then cause the company to bankrupt. Once bankrupt, the borrowed stock is forgotten and never needed to be paid back.

Detailed process

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Examples of bankrupted companies

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