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This is for you.

If you have ever been broke, worried about money, not sure what will “happen next”, been on food stamps, slept at a friends house or couch, or in your car.

This non monetized site is my way of “doing my part” when it comes to these incredible events we are witnessing in real time.

I trust the chairman, I trust the board, I trust the brand, I trust the company, I trust all the wonderful amazing good hearted humans in the world with genuinely good intentions.

I trust in my heart that not everyone suffers from greed, and not everyone thrives and survives on the misfortunes of others.

I fully trust without a doubt that these humans, that possess the highest degree of these qualities, are THE humans involved with GME at this current speck of time.

And I also trust that you, my friend reading this, will do wonderful, amazing things, that will change the world, and will change lives, and bring happiness, and smiles, and joy, with whatever comes out of this incredible, one of a kind, event that is unfolding right before our eyes.

Love, Peace & Prosperity to you.


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